Good evening to those of you who attended the cruise!

I want to give a big hearty thanks to everyone that participated. This competition is complete. Hooray! It has been a long while since I responded to notify you all of that, and I apologize. To be frank, I was embarassed by the failures of the VDC and hid my face for a while. Coming to my senses helped me realize that the Vocational Death Cruise was a success despite pitfalls, and that I should not be ashamed about rallying together some of the best ask blogs from all around the world to participate in such a glorious event.

For those of you who wondered who the winner was, I have an answer for you! came into the competition strong, and it was by no small feat that they had created panels and panels and, notedly, an entire animation for this project. Without them, we would not have had the quality of art that we enjoyed in this competition.

Special mentions go out to— 

Vanilla and Rummie (

The Parasprites (

Ace Wings (

Mr. Turnip (

Twilight Unbound (

Bright and Blight (

— of whom all completed Day 7 and were runners up. This competition would have failed without your diligence.

With that, expect to see some ‘Best of VDC!’ posts in your future, along with some information about starting new projects! Thanks for reading! 

- Santalestia

EDIT: I didn’t copy over the last name on the list! Sorry, Cheem! I had you written down!

Question for the current judges if you are following.

I can’t seem to get a hold of chemii lately and this is taking absurdly long. What is the holdup?


Panel: 91

Panel: 92

Blight: ”What! No! That’s not fair!

Panel: 93

Oblivion Machine:

-Grand Prize-

-Artifact of Mutilation-

Panel: 94

Bright: ”Come On! Help me kill him!”

Panel: 95

Vanilla Flash: ”Wait! It’s just me!”

Panel: 96

Vanilla Flash: “I think the mask is a trophy… It’s the only thing to follow us out of the game…”

Vanilla Flash: ”Wing Ace had the highest score, I guess it’s his.”

Wing Ace: ”Oh no! You take it! I’ve had enough of this game!”

Blight: ”Hahahaha”

Bright: ”Teeheehee”

Vanilla Flash: ”I’m glad all of this is finally over.”

Blight: ”Same!”

Bright: ”Me too.”

Wing Ace: ”Ditto.”

Panel: 97

The end

Panel: 98

Panel: 99

Oblivion (Entity(?))

-For now…-


Panel: 100


Panel: 71

Panel: 72

Panel: 73

Bright: “We’re out?”

Blight: “Uhm… Are you okay?”  

Wing Ace: “I think my face is stuck.”

Panel: 74

Bright: ”We made it!”

Blight: “We made it!”

Panel: 75

Blight: “But… What about what’s-her-face?”

Wing Ace: ”Look… The Screen.”

Panel: 76

Game: -30.000 = 1-up-

Bright: “What does that mean now the game is over?”

Wing Ace: “Don’t Know”

Panel: 77

Score Board

1st-92.000Pts-Wing Ace



4th- 3.000Pts-Vanilla Flash

Panel: 78

Wing Ace: ”Didn’t she get like 33.000 or so?”

Bright:  Yeah… Could it be?”

Panel: 79

Blight: “Look! Someone is appearing!”

Panel: 80

Vanilla Flash


Panel: 71

Wing Ace: ”Good Throw! Now let’s get this thing powered up and~”

Panel: 72

Wing Ace: ”Raaaaaa Too FAST! WIIIIING AAAAAAACE!!!”

Panel: 73

Oblivion Machine Unsealed:

-D0 y0u HeAr? EvEry W0rLD 1s DEst1Ned T0 bE F0rg0tTEN!

WhY DeLaY 1T? LeT mE G0 AnD 1 w1LL taKe AWaY Pa1n, Gr1Ef anD DeaTh, f0rEvER! JuST ReLeaSE mE!-

Panel: 74

Panel: 75

Oblivion Machine Unsealed:


Panel: 76

Oblivion Machine Unsealed (?):

No… This… But I’m a god they can’t.. G-Game Over for… Me.

Panel: 77

Wing Ace


Boss Bonus_________2.000

Remaining Lives__2x30.000


Final Score________92.000

Panel: 78



Boss Bonus_________2.000

Remaining Life Vial__23.000


Final Score________52.000

Panel: 79



Boss Bonus__________2.000

Survive Boss Level___75.000


Final Score__________80.000

Panel: 80

Vanilla Flash


Boss Bonus_________2.000

Remaining Lives__0x30.000


Final Score________33.000


Panel: 61

Oblivion Machine Unsealed:

-n0 wHat?

TeArs W1LL n0T HeLp y0U N0w.-

Panel: 62


Panel: 63

Panel: 64


Panel: 65

Oblivion Machine Unsealed:

-RaH! WhaT 1S th1S? 1t FeELs as 1f ThAt AccUrSEd MaSK 1s bACk. LeT Me GO! TakE ThEsE CHa1Ns 0fF me!-

Panel: 66

Bright: ”You sure about this?”

Panel: 67

Wing Ace ”Totally! Just aim at the chest and throw! Blight! Try to lift his head!”

Panel: 68

Panel: 69

Oblivion Machine Unleashed:

-CaN y0U n0T seE h0W P01NTLEss All tH1S 1s? EvEn… EVen 1f Y0U Sh0Uld Be AblE t0 BEaT mE, C0UntLESS 0bl1v10n Dev1CEs W1Ll EnD Y0ur W0rLDS.

Panel: 70


Panel: 51

Wing Ace: ”Mmmph!”

Panel: 52

Bright: ”Heh…”

Panel: 53

Wing Ace: ”Mmmph!!!”

Panel: 54

Bright: A plan you say?”

-Nod Nod-

Panel: 55

Oblivion Machine Unsealed:

-buT as 1 caN DestR0Y s0 cAN 1 CreATe.-

Panel: 56

Blight: “Guys! I think I’ve got a plan! List~”

Panel: 57

Oblivion Machine Unsealed:

-0h BE S1lENt, Res1Stance 1s FuT1le, Y0uR deFeat 1s 1nev1taBLE…

WhaT 1s ThIS?-

Panel: 58

Oblivion Machine Unsealed:

-A L0cKET? ThaT 1S thE P0wERup ThaT you g0T?-

Panel: 59

Oblivion Machine:


Panel: 60

Blight: ”N-Ngnoh…(N-No)” -Sniffle.-


Panel: 41

Panel: 42

Oblivion Machine Unsealed:

-My masK! Y0U deStr0Yed mY mAsk! Y0U br0Ke The SEal! Ah ha ha ha ha.
1 aM frEE! The MasK! That CurSEd maSk… MUTILATED mE! CuT aWAy My p0wERS! 1 am N0 l0Nger juST tHE B0sS of this DrEAdfuL gaME, 1 am…-

Panel: 43

Oblivion Machine Unsealed:

-A g0D!!!-

Panel: 44

Oblivion Machine Unsealed:

-H-Hah… F1NallY free! The MAsk 1s G0ne and 1 cAn CreATE and desTR0Y aT My Le1SurE, Y0U arE n0 l0nGEr plAYers, Y0U arE T0YS for MY amUseMent.-

Panel: 45

Oblivion Machine Unsealed:

-1t feElS s0 GooD! BE1Ng l1m1Ted bY SucH a cruDe Fa1lSafE. 1t WaS as 1F thEy MUT1LATED mE!-

Panel: 46

Oblivion Machine Unsealed:

-1 Th0uGHT The C01N w0ULd G1ve ME a WaY t0 BrEAk 1t MySElf, SeEms ThaT pLAn waS AS P01ntLEss As Ex1stence.-

Panel: 47

Oblivion Machine Unsealed:

-Mmmmh 1 c0ulD sEnd THe S1gNAl n0W… 
BuT 1 rEaLLy fEEl 1 sh0UlD reWard MysElf By t0Rment1ng y0u ThreE for A l1tTLe L0n-.-

Panel: 48

Wing Ace: “Yeah right! We’ll show you!”

Panel: 49

Oblivion Machine Unsealed:

-D0 n0t 1nterRupt. 1 Sa1D ThaT 1 can Destr0y aT mY le1Sure… H0W aB0UT y0Ur Ab1lITy t0 SpeaK. At least f0r A l1ttlE. 1 w0Uld L1Ke t0 HeaR y0U ScrEAM 1n a fEw MOmeNTs.-

Panel: 50


Panel: 31

Oblivion Machine:

-Do you even realize what I am? What this is? This machine that you are now in? It is this world’s Oblivion device. When the time  has come, the AI in the device will recieve the key and sink the world into OBLIVION.-

Panel: 32

Oblivion Machine:

-Worlds keep appearing, created out of nothing, but with creation comes destruction, a world can only life for so long before it becomes meaningless and redundant, at which point the OBLIVION devices will erase all traces of the world.-

Panel: 33


Panel: 34


Panel: 35

Oblivion Machine:

-Dead already? I can’t tell you the rest if you are dead. Well I might continue for the benefit of the other two.-

Panel: 36

Oblivion Machine:

-I am the AI of this world’s OBLIVION device, destined to erase this world. I quickly realized… If every world is destined to be erased… Then what is the point of waiting? We should just erase everything, be done with it, it is pointless to wait.-

Panel: 37

Oblivion Machine:

-I found out how to send the signal that will remotely trigger each and every other OBLIVION device, regardless of wether or not the key has been provided.-

Panel: 38

Oblivion Machine:

-My creators quickly saw through me and sealed my powers, they took away my abilities to create and to destroy. I cannot create the signal, I cannot destroy this world before I recieve the key, I can only manipulate this digital world… It took all I had to bring you four here.-

Panel: 39

Panel: 40


Panel: 21

Bright: ”We have more important things to do right now! We don’t have time for this!”

Panel: 22

Wing Ace: ”Don’t worry! I’ve got a plan! Just do as I say and we’ll be invincible!”

Panel: 23

Wing Ace: -Whisper whisper.-

Panel: 24

Wing Ace: “Go!”

Panel: 25


Wing Ace: “Wing Ace”

Panel: 26


Bright: ”Bright”

Panel: 27


Blight: ”No… I’m not doing this. No way!”

Panel: 28

Pony Power Posse

Panel: 29

Sweet Catch.

Blight: “Pfhew! Thanks!”

Panel: 30

Oblivion Machine: 

-My pleasure.

We cannot have you get hurt by accident can we?-


Panel: 11

Oblivion Machine: 

-I do not need your permission to kill. Say good bye to the flightless one.-

Panel: 12

Blight: ”Don’t look at me. I’ve got spells for flight.”

Panel: 13

Oblivion Machine:

This time no armour will be able to save you. This is the end… Good bye Vanilla Flash. I shall get the coin once I deal with the rest.

Panel: 14

Vanilla Flash: “HELP!!!”

Panel: 15


Panel: 16

Wing Ace: ”That was anticlimactic.”

Panel: 17

Blight: “You do realize that was her last life right? She’s dead… Like proper dead.”

Panel: 18

Wing Ace: ”Well it’s true. He’s the end boss, I had expected something spectacular.” 

Panel: 19

Blight: ”More spectacular?! Are you completely off the cloud? Show some respect will you?”

Panel: 20

Bright: ”Guys!”


Panel: 1

Final Stage

Panel: 2

Boss Fight

Panel: 3

Oblivion Machine: 

-Thank you for bringing the OBLIVION coin to me. It saved me the trouble of finding your corpse. OBLIVION is nigh. With the the coin I shall make everyone forget, I shall erase all that is, has been ever will be. I shall rid the multiverse of pain, hunger, sadness, lonelyness, regret, opression, order, chaos.-

Panel: 4

Oblivion Machine:

-Now, just hand over the coin and spare me the trouble of killing you all. Hand it over without resistance and I shall grant you ten minutes to say good bye.-

Panel: 5

Bright: “No way!”

Wing Ace: “No way!”

Vanilla Flash: “No way!”

Panel: 6

Bright: ”Oh… My… God… That was awesome! He were all “OhhohoIamsoevil” and we were all like “No way!”

Panel: 7

Bright: ”Blight!”

Panel: 8

Vanilla Flash: ”How can you tell who that is? Her crazy mane is in the… Oh! The horns.”

Panel: 9

Oblivion Machine:

-No… Way?

So you will not surrender the coin. Then I shall just kill the one that carries the coin, and take it.-

Panel: 10

Wing Ace: ”Like we’re gonna let you!”

These are in the archive so I may as well put them here.

So... I'm guessing it's too late to join? For the record, I don't want to join immediately, I need to finish setting up my blog first, but after that, I would be interested in how it's currently working and how one would go about joining, if it's still possible.

I haven’t answered one of the general audience questions in a long time. I think now’s a good time, though.

To be totally clear with the players and audience: The competition is finished. There’s a lot of hold-up on judging, because our usual archivist is very busy with school. He said he might be able to make time in the future, but we’d also like to ask for help again. Once we get the last series of images archived, we’ll move onto judging. I’m hoping to get that done as soon as possible.

For people who did not join and wanted to, now’s not the time to despair. I’ve considered facilitating the creation of a similar contest, this one more open, team-based, and less time oriented. It would probably be a far different style than this comic series, and may even have limitations on what players can join what categories. Most of our players had a lot of fun, but the problem with this competition seemed to be time, time management and life beyond the comic book. Needless to say, this learning experience has given me a long list of both what ‘not’ to do, and also what we did right.

If you really want another competition to happen, that’s great. Contact me and we can get started. I will even contribute regularly to the prize pool, and will give my advice for creating the contest. As it were, though, I’m still stuck in this contest, waiting for assistance. I’ve had judges, moderators and players drop because of the sheer length of this competition, and the only things that keep me going are a few players who keep in regular contact with myself.

Now, to your question Marspony: we no longer have slots available for the Vocational Death Cruise. It was an ambitious project with over one hundred applicants, and is not something to be repeated. If one were to write a sequel, it would probably necessitate a different cast and series of goals in order to keep the competition fresh and the material original. You’ve probably missed your chance, and that’s fine. Why? Because, worst comes to worst, you will find another competition similar to this one in the winter, the spring, the summer. Someone will have a brilliant story, and ambition, and execute it. Now that the pioneer project is finished, the playing field  is open to anyone- and I fully welcome that!

If you want to help me out personally in this competition, or join an email list if we have a second competition, you can contact me at or over Skype through chemiisan. If you would like a more personal confrontation and live in the US or it’s territories, I will also supply you with a phone number and mailing address upon request. I really want to see new and upcoming ask blogs flourish. I wish you the best of luck in finding a new competition, and I welcome you to the Tumblr community.

Thanks for the line,


Need Moderators And A New Archiver

We’re looking for judges and an archiver! Please contact us through Skype at ‘chemiisan’ if you’re open to the experience!



Orange: “shanks gway…”
Trublu: “Can we go home now?”