((VDC: Day 3, part 2 of 2! From this point I happily hand the reins to the other competitors. Let the fun begin!

This entry features cameos by Junes Pony, Heartscape, Money Shot, and Bright Pony.


Panel 1:

Dumbbell: Aaaaaaah!

Hoops: Oh my gosh, Bell! Are you alright?

Dumbbell: Yeah… yeah, I’m okay.

Game Show Host Pony That is Totally Not Evil Santalestia in Disguise: Youuuu maybe shouldn’t have done that boy…

Panel 2:

Dumbbell: But man, this thing is HEAVY.

Hoops: Is that our prize? What’s in it?

Dumbbell: Dunno…

Panel 5:

Hoops: Wow.

Panel 6:

Hoops: Oh…

Dumbbell: Uh oh.))

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