Panel: 21

Bright: ”We have more important things to do right now! We don’t have time for this!”

Panel: 22

Wing Ace: ”Don’t worry! I’ve got a plan! Just do as I say and we’ll be invincible!”

Panel: 23

Wing Ace: -Whisper whisper.-

Panel: 24

Wing Ace: “Go!”

Panel: 25


Wing Ace: “Wing Ace”

Panel: 26


Bright: ”Bright”

Panel: 27


Blight: ”No… I’m not doing this. No way!”

Panel: 28

Pony Power Posse

Panel: 29

Sweet Catch.

Blight: “Pfhew! Thanks!”

Panel: 30

Oblivion Machine: 

-My pleasure.

We cannot have you get hurt by accident can we?-

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