Continuing day 4 of the VDC

Keep this in mind: This storyline is not connected to the main story, it’s a bonus arc.


Running is always what you do best, after all.

Oh, but you’re not even doing that anymore, are you? You just stopped in place.

That’s good, though. It just means I can catch up to you…

Doctor: No….
Oh, yes! You’ve known all this time you could never escape me…! And now I’m right here…

Poor Doctor… Still lonely, still thinking you should care about useless blips in the universe…
Doctor: I don’t care!

Then what’s one little pony’s life matter? She’s only a blip, after all. But one useless blip can be made so much more…

Collect all those blips of pointless life together and take it for yourself, use them! You deserve to matter more than any of them! You, the oncoming storm!

Doctor: I’m not a storm! I’m just a dying breeze on a forgotten summer day! And you will never exist!

Doctor: You don’t exist right now! Nothing in this room exists!!

Doctor: ………….. If only the same could apply to me…


VDC Bonus arc with

Response to this post

Good gravy that thing is terrifying.


[[VDC Bonus Arch - Response to This and This

I don’t know too much about Persona 4 ((Must buy it aaagh)) but I had someone help me out a bit with it. The Doctor travels through dimensions and he’s already faced off the darkest side of himself multiple times, so logically, it seems like he would be able to activate something like this, especially since he’s sensitive to dimensional rips. He’s around 1,000 years old, very powerful, and has a massive social network throughout the reaches of time and space… So this summon should be pretty logical.. Right?]]

Holy flaming ****-banana blueberry muffin jayzus  **** **** *******!!!