Good evening to those of you who attended the cruise!

I want to give a big hearty thanks to everyone that participated. This competition is complete. Hooray! It has been a long while since I responded to notify you all of that, and I apologize. To be frank, I was embarassed by the failures of the VDC and hid my face for a while. Coming to my senses helped me realize that the Vocational Death Cruise was a success despite pitfalls, and that I should not be ashamed about rallying together some of the best ask blogs from all around the world to participate in such a glorious event.

For those of you who wondered who the winner was, I have an answer for you! came into the competition strong, and it was by no small feat that they had created panels and panels and, notedly, an entire animation for this project. Without them, we would not have had the quality of art that we enjoyed in this competition.

Special mentions go out to— 

Vanilla and Rummie (

The Parasprites (

Ace Wings (

Mr. Turnip (

Twilight Unbound (

Bright and Blight (

— of whom all completed Day 7 and were runners up. This competition would have failed without your diligence.

With that, expect to see some ‘Best of VDC!’ posts in your future, along with some information about starting new projects! Thanks for reading! 

- Santalestia

EDIT: I didn’t copy over the last name on the list! Sorry, Cheem! I had you written down!

Question for the current judges if you are following.

I can’t seem to get a hold of chemii lately and this is taking absurdly long. What is the holdup?


~~VDC Day 5, Entry 1 ~~
Meanwhile at the GunRunner …. somewhere in some ruined Parts of Deathhotel…
GR: Damn Doors…


~~VDC Day 5, Entry 1 ~~

Meanwhile at the GunRunner …. somewhere in some ruined Parts of Deathhotel…

GR: Damn Doors…


Now I’ve lost 2 of them… T~T

(VDC Day 5 part 2. Done quicky since I forgot the deadline. I actually teared up towards the end of adding the dialog)

(featuring JunesPony and Inkie)

Responding to this and this.


Yosuke: “EVERYPONY LISTEN! We need to outrun this thing since we can’t fight it! Teddy, help the grey mare, she’s too injured to run like this by herself. We need to go NOW!”

Cutie: “But what about Doccy?”

Yosuke: “Oh right…Cutie Pie…well- Doccy flew off in his spaceship after he slowed down the monster for us…”

Cutie Pie: “DOCCY’S GONE??? But- he couldn’t…he wouldn’t…is he ever coming back?”

Yosuke: “Um…I don’t think so, Cutie. But he told me to tell you to be strong for him and to always smile…”

Cutie Pie: *sniffle* “I’ll stay strong and always smile for you…Goodbye, Dadd-

*stops herself* …I mean, goodbye Doccy


VDC Day 4 Part 3

Featuring Cutie Pie

Response to


[[Do.. Do I really need to keep writing transcripts? I’m pretty confident my handwriting is readable.]]


Junes Pony x Vocational Death Cruise, Day 4 Part 4

Featuring Discord Whooves and Cutie Pie.

Final part for this day. I had to rush due to some other matters, so I’m sorry for the crappy quality of the day’s posts… Might go back sometime in the future and do one of these emotional Yosuke panels up right, color and all. Rushing plus trying to convey a strong emotion equals poor results…



Yosuke: …no…b-but…

Yosuke: Why is he…n-no…

Yosuke: Yuu…but…we put the killer away, how…

Yosuke: …n-not him…

Yosuke: I-I can’t move, I…oh god why him…not him too, I can’t… …


Teddie: …yo…su…ke…!
Teddie: …yosuke…!
Teddie: YOSUKE!!

Teddie: Snap out of it!!
Yosuke: —!!

Teddie: What happened in there? —-Y-Y-Yosuke, your face! Why are you crying?!


Junes Pony x Vocational Death Cruise, Day 4 Part 3

If you’re a P4 fan, you’ll know what’s coming next.



Yosuke: (Everything about this is suspicious…but…if it really is Inaba, and we can go home…)
Teddie: Yosuke?
Yosuke: (Something…something about this “room” is tugging at me, I…)

Yosuke: Teddie, stay here while I check it out, okay?
Teddie: Eh? —Yosuke?
Yosuke: I’ll be back, just wait for me!

Yosuke: (…I knew I recognized this path…we walk home from school this way.But for a rural town, even this is way too quiet. And the fog… When last was it this bad?)

Yosuke: Where is everypon— ?

Yosuke: (…that’s…) —Aah, Yuu!

Yosuke: …Yuu?

Yosuke: Yuu! Oi, partner, wait up!

Yosuke: …I lost him… His house is right here, though, did he go inside?

Yosuke: …still, something feels really off. It feels like I’m not alone…

Yosuke: I can’t really…


Part 2 of my VDC day four.

Bleeeeeegh this took a lot longer than it should have, effing school. I might actually have to use an extra day to get everything turned in right.

Loudspeaker: *Static before being turned on*
(Demonic voice)”Attention”

(Automated voice) “All hotel guests, we are currently experiencing technical-“

Sanctum: “Ugh, what now?”
????: “Now, you pay.”


Continuing day 4 of the VDC

Keep this in mind: This storyline is not connected to the main story, it’s a bonus arc.


Running is always what you do best, after all.

Oh, but you’re not even doing that anymore, are you? You just stopped in place.

That’s good, though. It just means I can catch up to you…

Doctor: No….
Oh, yes! You’ve known all this time you could never escape me…! And now I’m right here…

Poor Doctor… Still lonely, still thinking you should care about useless blips in the universe…
Doctor: I don’t care!

Then what’s one little pony’s life matter? She’s only a blip, after all. But one useless blip can be made so much more…

Collect all those blips of pointless life together and take it for yourself, use them! You deserve to matter more than any of them! You, the oncoming storm!

Doctor: I’m not a storm! I’m just a dying breeze on a forgotten summer day! And you will never exist!

Doctor: You don’t exist right now! Nothing in this room exists!!

Doctor: ………….. If only the same could apply to me…


Junes Pony x Vocational Death Cruise, Day 4 part 1

It’s hard to tell now, but this is group 3, not group 2.

Featuring Inkie and Brummbar…and Toto.



Teddie: …was that filly okay?
Yosuke: Who knows…Anyway, Kanji had the right idea heading back to his room. It’s past midnight anyway.

Teddie: I guess I am beary tired.
Yosuke: Oddly enough, I’m wide awake. I’ll probably pass out once we get back to our room though. But…

Yosuke: …we’ve been going down this hallway for a while, and I haven’t seen our room number. Jeez, don’t tell me we got lost. There are enough ponies to even fill this many rooms?!
Teddie: Should we go back to where we were at earlier?

Yosuke: Maybe somepony in one of these rooms could help. I don’t want to just keep trotting around randomly.

Yosuke: Excuse me? Anypony here?


Yosuke: …is nopony— huh?

Toto: Woof, woof!


VDC Day 4 Part 2

He’s not supposed to be here till series 220…

I’m sure I’m not the only one who figured the other door group was a possible reference to this episode…

In other news, I’ve almost completely caught up and may even be able to see series 7 when they put on BBC america’s site!

Panel 1:

Door: Rattle rattle rattle

Wing Ace: Huh?

Panel 2:

11th Doctor: Whoops wrong episode!


Okay, I am freaking out right now!

(Part 2)

(OOC: Featuring:

Also featuring a cameo by A.D.S.!)


Part 2 of VDC Day 4

Panel 1:
Spyrity: Merde! Merde! Merde! 

Panel 2:
Yosuke: Um… Hey, this is the boy’s bathroom.
Discorded Whooves: Idiot…

Panel 3:
Spyrity: What? I’m sure I just entered one of the hotel rooms!  

Panel 4:
Yosuke: No, I’m pretty sure this is the boy’s bathroom.

Panel 5:
Spyrity: Then where…?

Panel 6:
TwiandSpike: Gotcha!

Panel 7:
Ace: Woah! Dude! Learn to knock first! Jeez…

Panel 8:

Okay, I was going to drop out, but I’ve decided to forget that. Instead, I have moved all VDC posts to this tumblr: .  Looks like I’m stayin’ :)


Part 1 of VDC Day 4

Panel 3:
Twi and Spike: There she is! Get Her! 


Part one of my entry for the VDC day four, gah I really wish I could have finished the other two pics that follow this but my eyelids and brain are starting to fail me. Anyways expect some major dimensional bending in the near-future, after all the reality-breaking and dimensional schisms that’s happened in the VDC there’s gotta be SOME consequence right? Anyways I’ll try and have something that’ll actually have dialog in it soon.